Proven legal strategies for Wrongful Death Claims

Nothing can prepare us for the sudden death of a loved one. When the death is caused by another person’s negligence or poor choices, it can become difficult to understand why this happened. Between funeral expenses and the emotional distress that accompanies the loss of a loved one, costs can quickly add up. Through a wrongful death lawsuit, the surviving family members of the deceased individual can recover monetary damages to help offset the impact of their loss.

At Countryman Injury Law, we are passionate about securing justice for the victims of wrongful death in Washington. Our team will guide and protect your family during every step of your case. Picking up the pieces after a tragedy is difficult enough; let us help secure the compensation you need to navigate your loss. To speak with an experienced attorney about your case, consider contacting our Bothell office at (425) 492-5554 today. 

What Is Wrongful Death in Washington?

Section 4.20.010 of the Revised Code of Washington defines wrongful death as any death that is caused by the wrongdoing, negligence, or default of another person. There are several scenarios that can lead to a wrongful death, including:

  • Motor vehicle or motorcycle accident
  • Workplace accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Criminal activity
  • Premises accidents

It is possible to bring legal action against the individual responsible for the wrongful death to recover economic, noneconomic, and in some cases, punitive damages. It can be helpful to think of wrongful death claims as personal injury cases in which the individual can no longer pursue his or her own case. In these situations, another person can intervene on their behalf to recover damages. 

Can You File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

Yes, a wrongful death lawsuit must be filed within three years of the person’s death (Section 4.16.080 of the Revised Code of Washington). This time limit is important, as the court can – and likely will – refuse to hear the case if the death occurred more than three years ago.

What Types of Damages Are Available in Wrongful Death Cases?

Fortunately, damages may be available to help offset the losses associated with a wrongful death. Damages, which refer to the different losses that a person can claim in a wrongful death lawsuit, can include compensation for: 

  • Medical expenses, including doctors’ visits, diagnostic tests, and treatments or therapies
  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Loss of the deceased individual’s income and future earnings
  • Benefits, including pension and medical insurance
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of love, companionship, and care from the deceased individual

These damages are economic, non-economic, and (in some cases) punitive. Punitive damages are specifically designed to punish the negligent person for their actions and are paid in addition to compensatory damages. A knowledgeable attorney at Countryman Injury Law can provide further insight into the types of damages that are available based on the unique circumstances of your wrongful death case. 

How Can an Experienced Attorney Help with Your Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

The process for filing a wrongful death lawsuit is complex. These cases are notoriously difficult to prove, requiring an in-depth knowledge of relevant legal standards and experience gathering pertinent evidence to support the claim. Seeking assistance from an experienced attorney to help with your wrongful death claim is key to ensuring that you and your family receive a fair settlement. At Countryman Injury Law, we guide our clients through every stage of the wrongful death process, including: 

  • Filing all necessary documents to commence the lawsuit in Washington
  • Organizing relevant evidence to prove wrongful death, including witness testimonies, accident reports, medical records, and more
  • Negotiating a full and fair settlement with the liable party’s insurance company  
  • Representing you in trial if an agreement cannot be reached during settlement negotiations
  • Advocating for your interests at every step of the process 

Insurance companies are incentivized to prioritize their bottom line above your needs. Many times, insurers will offer the lowest possible settlement amount to minimize their costs, leaving you with too little compensation to cover the costs associated with your loved one’s death. An experienced and dedicated attorney will serve as your trusted advisor, ensuring that your needs are prioritized and that you are fairly compensated for your loss. 

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