Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can disrupt your entire life, including your employment, your relationships, your health, and your overall enjoyment of routine activities. Anyone who was involved in or witnessed a traumatic accident is at risk of developing PTSD, a silent condition that may not be apparent for weeks, months, or years after the event. If you are experiencing symptoms related to PTSD, you may be able to recover compensation for your losses. 

At Countryman Injury Law, our team knows how to navigate the complexities of PTSD-related personal injury cases. We prioritize our clients’ rights at every step of the process, exhausting all possible options to secure the highest settlement for their case. To discuss your options with our knowledgeable team, consider connecting with us at (425) 492-5554 today. 

What Is PTSD?

PTSD stands for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, a disorder that occurs when a person has a difficult time recovering after experiencing a terrifying or traumatic event. Anyone who witnesses a serious personal injury accident is at risk for developing PTSD, and many victims experience symptoms that are triggered by thoughts of the traumatic event. Data from the National Center for PTSD indicates that 6% of Americans will have experienced post-traumatic stress disorder at some point in their lives, making this a common anxiety disorder in the country. 


What Are the Signs and Symptoms of PTSD?

Generally, PTSD manifests differently in everyone. Some of the most common signs and symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder include:

  • Flashbacks of the traumatic event
  • Panic attacks
  • Nightmares
  • Desire to avoid people, places, and things that remind you of the event
  • Nervousness
  • Sleep problems
  • Inability to focus or concentration
  • Moodiness


While the specific symptoms tend to vary from person to person, we see that many of our clients experience at least one of the common signs and symptoms listed above. These symptoms may begin immediately after the traumatic event or may be delayed for months or years after the incident occurs. Some individuals report feeling long periods of time where their symptoms are less pronounced, followed by periods where symptoms become more severe.

What Can Cause PTSD?

There are several types of traumatic events that can lead to the development of post-traumatic stress disorder. Some examples of types of events that can cause PTSD include: 

  • Car, motorcycle, bicycle, and pedestrian accidents 
  • Slip & fall incidents
  • Life-threatening medical diagnosis 
  • Wrongful death of a loved one
  • Workplace accidents

Many of our clients seek assistance from our experienced team to secure compensation for their losses associated with their PTSD diagnosis. While PTSD can be debilitating, there are legal options available to help hold the at fault party responsible and recover damages. 

Recovering Damages in a PTSD Personal Injury Case

If another person’s negligence caused you to develop PTSD, you may be able to recover damages to offset the economic and noneconomic damages associated with the accident. Section 4.56.250 of the Revised Code of Washington establishes that PTSD victims can recover the following types of damages in a personal injury case: 

  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of earnings
  • Cost of replacement or repair of property
  • Loss of employment or business opportunities
  • Pain and suffering
  • Reduced quality of life
  • Loss of consortium 
  • Mental anguish and distress

To recover damages in a PTSD case, you must prove that the at fault party caused your condition. This can be difficult, requiring a careful attention to detail, a tailored legal strategy, and access to necessary resources. An experienced attorney at Countryman Injury Law will review your case and offer personalized recommendations to recover all damages possible in your case and maximize the value of your settlement. 

Is There a Time Limit for Personal Injury Cases?

Yes, there is a time limit for personal injury cases. According to Section 4.6.080 of the Revised Code of Washington, PTSD victims who wish to file a personal injury claim must do so within three years of the incident. We emphasize this with all of our clients, as PTSD symptoms often develop long after the fact, when it is too late to pursue compensation. For this reason, it is important to both medical attention as well as legal assistance to ensure that your case is handled properly. Even if you are not sure whether PTSD is a factor in your personal injury case, it is important to account for the possibility that it is. 

Insurance companies are profit-oriented and will typically offer you the lowest settlement possible to reduce their expenses. Your attorney will act as a powerful advocate for you, identifying all liable parties and potential sources of damages in your case. They understand the tactics that insurance companies use to minimize your settlement and will ensure that you are not taken advantage of during the negotiation process. 

Why Is it Important to Seek Assistance from an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney?

Seeking assistance from an experienced personal injury attorney can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. Without an attorney by your side, advocating for your interests, you will be left to negotiate with insurance companies who are motivated by their bottom line, not your health and wellbeing. Generally, these insurance companies have access to powerful legal teams, and will employ any tactics necessary to minimize your compensation. 

Personal injury attorneys understand how to negotiate with insurance companies, compiling all relevant evidence to support your case and ensure that you receive full and fair compensation. Using their access to resources and in-depth knowledge of PTSD personal injury cases, an experienced attorney will understand how to navigate your case as quickly and efficiently as possible, accounting for all possible risks that may arise during the process. 

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If you or a loved one is experiencing PTSD symptoms due to the wrongful or negligent actions of another person, you may be entitled to compensation. Navigating PTSD symptoms and the aftermath of a traumatic event is difficult enough, however, and attempting to negotiate a settlement with insurance companies can be overwhelming. 

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