Meet our Team, Fighting for You

Autumn J. Countryman

Autumn Countryman Law is dedicated to assisting individuals in need. The firm offers personalized legal services to those who have suffered injuries in automobile collisions or other situations resulting from the negligence of third parties. The team at Autumn Countryman Law understands the challenges faced by injury victims within the legal system and strives to optimize their recovery process, ensuring they receive the rightful compensation for their ordeals.

With an extensive background, Autumn Countryman spent 11 years at a prominent law firm before establishing her own practice. During her tenure, she progressively advanced to the role of supervising attorney. Notably, she took the lead on the firm’s most complex cases involving severe injuries and substantial damages.

Autumn Countryman’s accomplishments have garnered recognition within the legal community. She earned nominations as a “Rising Star” by Law & Politics from 2010 to 2012. Her exceptional skills also led to her being voted one of the top Women Attorneys in Washington in 2012. In a testament to her proficiency, she was recently welcomed into the National Trial Lawyers’ esteemed group of “Top 40 Under 40.” Her expertise is consistently sought after, and she frequently serves as a Special Assistant Attorney General in the state of Washington. Additionally, she lends her skills as an arbitrator for the King and Snohomish County Superior Courts.

Steve Dean

Steve Dean is a highly accomplished professional with a diverse background that spans law, insurance and healthcare. Holding a BA in English from the University of Washington, Steve’s academic foundation has been pivotal in shaping his communication skills and analytical prowess. With a remarkable decade-long tenure in the legal field, Steve has established himself as a seasoned paralegal. Equally noteworthy is his decade of experience in health insurance and medical review, demonstrating his multifaceted experience and commitment to the medical care landscape.

What Steve finds most gratifying about his role is the opportunity to guide individuals through challenging phases in their lives. His compassionate approach and unwavering support make a tangible difference for those in need. Moreover, the dynamic nature of his job ensures that no two days are alike, a factor that Steve relishes.

Outside his professional pursuits, Steve’s interests encompass an eclectic array of activities. An ardent music lover, he frequents concerts, and is a life-long Seahawks fan. Steve’s travels allow him to embrace new cultures and experiences. He maintains an active lifestyle through gym workouts, paddleboarding, and snowboarding, and camping.

Glenda Washburn, Litigation Paralegal

Glenda Washburn serves as a Litigation Paralegal at Autumn Countryman Law.  She is an accomplished paralegal with nearly 11 years of dedicated service in the legal field. Armed with a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Business Administration, Glenda brings a unique blend of legal expertise and strategic business acumen to her role. Her journey as a paralegal began in November over a decade ago, and since then, she has been an integral part of legal teams that have navigated complex cases to success.

For Glenda, every day in her role is an adventure. Armed with a to-do list that often takes an unexpected turn within the first hour, she thrives in the fast-paced nature of her work. Multitasking is second nature to her and it is the diversity of her daily challenges that keeps her engaged and motivated.

One of Glenda’s greatest joys is seeing cases progress from their inception to resolution. The sense of accomplishment she feels when a case is brought to a successful close is incredibly rewarding. Beyond the legal intricacies, Glenda values the relationships she builds with clients. The connection she establishes while working on their behalf adds an extra layer of fulfillment to her role.

Glenda is a multilingual and is fluent in English and Spanish and currently mastering Italian. This linguistic versatility allows her to effectively communicate with a broader range of clients, further enhancing her ability to serve and support.

Outside of her career, Glenda is a proud mother to a grown son. Her son’s graduation from Florida State University, followed by his accomplishments in the Fire Academy and as a firefighter and EMS, fills her with immense pride. Outside the office, Glenda’s hobbies include weight training to stay physically and mentally strong, delving into home design projects, and she loves the sun and water and almost any activity that takes her outdoors. 

In the realm of law and in life, Glenda Washburn approaches every challenge with determination, adaptability, and a deep-rooted commitment to excellence.

Maria Alvarez, Litigation Paralegal

Maria Alvarez serves as a Litigation Paralegal at Autumn Countryman Law.  She brings a decade of experience in the legal field. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Boise State University and the University of Idaho. Her commitment to professional growth led her to complete the Paralegal Certificate program at the Center for Advanced Legal Studies in Houston, Texas.

Fluent in English and Spanish, Maria excels in building strong connections with clients. Her dedication shines through her collaborative approach with co-workers to achieve optimal outcomes in every case. Maria finds fulfillment in her role as she directly contributes to improving people’s lives through her work.

Beyond her legal pursuits, Maria’s interests span the outdoors, including hiking and camping. She’s an avid reader and dedicates her time to volunteering and cherishing moments with her family. Maria Alvarez exemplifies a paralegal who not only excels professionally but also enriches her life through diverse experiences.