Construction Site Injuries

Construction sites are hazardous, presenting real dangers to both construction workers and innocent bystanders alike. If you sustained an injury due to a construction site-related accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses. At Countryman Injury Law, we advocate for the rights of individuals whose livelihood was impacted by a construction site injury. Leveraging our years of experience, we have successfully negotiated fair settlements for countless victims of these accidents. To speak with an attorney about your case, consider connecting with us today.

Having spent a decade representing personal injury victims, we have seen firsthand the pain that a careless person or company can inflict. At Countryman Injury Law, we employ proven legal strategies to protect our clients’ interests and secure the greatest amount of compensation possible for their injuries. To learn more about how we can help, consider connecting with our team at (425) 492-4445 today. 

Construction Site Accident Statistics

Construction site accidents are extremely common, with over 21,000 nonfatal injuries and illnesses occurring every year. Construction site workers in particular face a high risk of being injured on the job, largely due to hazardous conditions, overexertion, and exposure to powerful machinery. Moreover, in light of the recent employment growth across this industry, construction site accidents are becoming increasingly frequent. From 2011 to 2019 alone, there was a 25% increase in the number of workers employed in the construction industry. With the increasing demand for workers on construction sites, injuries are becoming more and more common.

What Are the Most Common Construction Site Injuries?

Construction site injuries can range from mild to severe and can affect several different parts of the body. Some of the most common construction site injuries that our clients have sustained include: 

  • Spinal cord and back injuries 
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Burns
  • Broken bones and fractures 
  • Loss of limbs 
  • Blindness or vision damage
  • Chemical exposure illnesses

How Do Construction Site Injuries Occur?

Between heavy equipment, debris, and exposure to hazardous chemicals, construction sites are inherently dangerous. Some of the most common accidents that contribute to construction site injuries include the following: 

  • Falls. As the leading cause of death and injury on construction sites, falling from scaffolding, roofs, cranes, and ladders is a major risk for construction workers. 
  • Struck-by incidents and falling objects. Items that are not properly secured may fall and strike individuals below. Moreover, it is not uncommon for heavy objects or equipment to accidently strike workers or passersby at construction sites. According to information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, struck-by incidents caused roughly 14,000 construction site injuries in 2020, making this a common source of injury for workers in this industry. 
  • Electrocutions. Working with power tools, heavy machinery, and electrical wiring presents a serious risk for electrocution, a common construction site injury. 
  • Trench collapse incidents. When a trench that is in the process of being built collapses, workers may be struck by heavy debris, suffer crushing injuries, or be trapped in the collapsed trench. 
  • Repetitive motion injuries. Construction site workers are often required to perform the same physical task over and over, causing strain to the body. When tissues are worn down in this way, repetitive motion injuries are likely. 
  • Highway collisions. Individuals who work on roadway construction projects are at a serious risk of being involved in a collision. When construction site workers are struck by a vehicle, the at-fault driver could be held liable.

While these are the most common injuries that we encounter in our legal practice, it should be noted that there are several other situations that can lead to accidents on construction sites. If you sustained an injury due to a construction-related accident, you may be able to file a claim to secure compensation. 

Types of Construction Site Accident Claims & Lawsuits

The physical, emotional, and financial impact of being involved in a construction site accident can be overwhelming. It is possible, however, to recover damages to offset the costs associated with your injury. Depending on the circumstances of the accident and your unique goals, one of the following may be ideal for securing a settlement for your case: 

  • Personal injury lawsuit. If the accident was caused by another person’s recklessness or negligence, you may want to file a personal injury lawsuit to recover compensation. To successfully secure a settlement through a personal injury lawsuit, it is necessary to prove a direct connection between the person’s actions and your injuries. 
  • Product liability lawsuit. In situations where the accident was caused by defective machinery or equipment, a product liability lawsuit may be most suitable. 
  • Wrongful death lawsuit. These lawsuits are reserved for incidents that resulted in a death. If your loved one was involved in a fatal construction-site accident, a wrongful death lawsuit may be filed to recover compensation for you and your family. 

If your case is successfully resolved, you may be compensated for medical bills, loss of earnings, and pain and suffering related to your injuries. At Countryman Injury Law, we will take your unique financial needs and goals into account to create an effective legal strategy that maximizes your compensation. 

Why Should You Seek Assistance from an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer?

After sustaining a construction site injury, you may be unsure of your legal options and where to turn for support. There is a statute of limitations of three years for the majority of personal injury lawsuits, making it important to seek assistance from an experienced attorney as soon as possible following an accident. Your attorney will review the facts of your case and determine the right legal strategy to maximize the amount of compensation you can collect. 

Insurance companies are profit-oriented and will typically offer you the lowest settlement possible to reduce their expenses. Your attorney will act as a powerful advocate for you, identifying all liable parties and potential sources of damages in your case. They understand the tactics that insurance companies use to minimize your settlement and will ensure that you are not taken advantage of during the negotiation process. 

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If you were hurt in a construction site accident, you deserve to be compensated for the injuries you sustained, the income you lost due to missing work, and the emotional distress you experienced. These tough cases present major obstacles and require in-depth knowledge of the laws and legal standards that govern personal injury lawsuits. At Countryman Injury Law, we are passionate about fighting for the rights of victims of construction site accidents. To learn more about how we can help you secure compensation for your injuries, consider scheduling a free consultation with our team at (425) 492-5554 today.